Seaside Heights to Reopen Briefly for Residents

Seaside Heights, one of the towns hit worst by Hurricane Sandy, has announced procedures for homeowners and tenants to gain access to the area between tomorrow and Tuesday to assess and secure their properties:

Property owners and tenants will be allowed into Seaside Heights for assessment/protection/removal of their property, on designated streets from Ocean Terrace to Bay Boulevard which will include the North/South streets running between those designated streets, for a 4 hour period from 10:00am until 2:00pm starting Friday November 9, and terminating Tuesday, November 13.

Friday – Sherman, Sheridan, Grant , Blaine

Saturday – Hancock, Fremont, Sumner, Webster

Sunday – Kearney, Carteret, Hamilton, Franklin

Monday – Sampson, Hiering, Lincoln, Dupont, Porter

Tuesday – 400 Hiering/Bayside Terrace, this area must be dealt with separately and last due to major access problems and will only be opened pending approval of the NJDOT.

See the town’s official site for access details, and good luck — we’re all pulling for you.