Top 10 Sugar Daddy Cities

Where to find Mr. Right (and his checkbook) - a guide for gay gold diggers everywhere

Is a fistful of dollars the way to your heart? (photo by Think Stock)

While some gay men are looking for the sort of love people write about in books, songs and movies, still others are more interested in making sure a flush bank account comes with any romantic prospect. That’s why, a dating website that specializes in hooking up the well-heeled, released two new lists of the top 10 cities to find both the gay sugar daddy (and baby) of one’s dreams.

“We have found that there are now approximately eight sugar baby males for every gay sugar daddy on our website,” says the site’s founder and CEO Brandon Wade. “This growing trend indicates that men love to be spoiled just as much as women, and that generosity is a universally accepted value no matter the type of relationship.”

It gives a new meaning to gold digging. But sorry, Philly doesn’t make the cut.

Top 10 Gay Sugar Daddy Cities

1.      New York, NY
2.      Chicago, IL
3.      Los Angeles, CA
4.      Houston, TX
5.      Beverly Hills, CA
6.      Atlanta, GA
7.      Dallas, TX
8.      Toronto Canada
9.      Las Vegas, NV
10.  San Francisco, CA

Top 10 Gay Sugar Baby Cities

1.      New York, NY
2.      Los Angeles, CA
3.      Chicago, IL
4.      Brooklyn, NY
5.      Atlanta, GA
6.      San Francisco, CA
7.      Houston, TX
8.      Toronto, Canada
9.      London, England
10.  San Diego, CA

What do you think? Does money make love sweeter?