US Airways Gets You There Fast. Your Luggage? Not As Often.

Traveling through Philadelphia International Airport can be a huge pain, but it’s not all bad: US Airways—the dominant carrier at the airport—had the fourth-best on-time performance of the 15-largest domestic airlines in August. The airline got its passengers to their destination on time 83.5 percent of the time, up from 82 percent in July, but behind its June success rate of 86.2 percent. Less promising: US Airways ranked 12th for passenger complaints; the airline’s had a rate of 2.05 complaints per 100,000 passengers—over items like lost luggage, customer service, and the like—slightly above the industry average of 1.9 complaints per 100,000 passengers. The good news? That’s still nowhere as bad as the rate of 5.39 complaints that United Airlines received. [Philadelphia Business Journal]