Who’s Living in BoConcept’s Window?

Butch Cordora of "In Bed With Butch" fame is getting ready for a six-day live-in

Butch Cordora is moving into the the window of BoConcept this month (courtesy of Cordora)

Earlier this summer, Julio Gaggia, a Venezuelan photographer, spent five days living in the storefront window of BoConcept in the Chelsea neighborhood in Manhattan. The publicity stunt/performance art piece was so successful that the home furniture company has asked Philly’s own Butch Cordora to do the same in the Rittenhouse Square store.

Since ending his spot as host of the long-running public access television show “In Bed With Butch,” Cordora has been setting his sights on the art world, inventing conceptual photo projects with a nod to Warhol’s own Pop Art style and working as a curator at Old City’s Ven and Vaida (the best gallery, as named by G Philly‘s “Best of Gay Philly,” thanks to its LGBT focus).

After auditioning to live for six days at BoConcept’s 17th and Chestnut storefront window, Cordora got the call back.

“It’s a publicity stunt they tried in Chelsea that seemed to work really well,” he says, “and they’re trying it in Philly next.”

Cordora will be “moving in” to the window on Sept. 29 and will stay there, eating, sleeping and pretty much existing, until Oct. 4. “I honestly don’t really know what category this even falls under – pop culture? Home decor? Performance art?” he asks. But as he gets ready to go public – and everything that entails – we’ll certainly be watching.