Rendell Says Obama Would Never Tell Anyone to Go F Themselves

Former Governor Ed Rendell sat down for a chat with’s Lisa DePaulo yesterday at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte. In true Rendell fashion, they discussed everything from Hillary’s chances at running in 2016 to Clint Eastwood’s bizarre performance at the Republican National Convention. Evidently, the gov let fly that there’s a double standard between Democrats and Republicans, saying that if the Dems pulled a stunt similar to Eastwood’s, there’d be calls of treason. Read the full quote below:

“I was both stunned and I thought, if we had done the same thing—have a Hollywood star get up there and have him insult the president the way Eastwood insulted President Obama—they would have been calling us treasonists. Fox News would have been going berserk. And of all the people. President Obama, he certainly has his faults, but he is the least profane politician I’ve ever met. He never uses cuss words. And for Eastwood to imply that he would say Go F Youself was terrible.”