Philly Hosts National Hurling Championships

Oh, sure, hurling sounds like something violent and painfully embarrassing. It’s also a much-beloved ancient Irish sport—which, judging from the video above, is a mix of lacrosse and a riot filled with mobs of broom-handle-wielding assailants. But, you know, more fun than that. The good news? Philadelphia is hosting the national championship of hurling this Labor Day weekend, on the banks of the Delaware River—which, as the North American Gaelic Athletic Association helpfully points out, is close to where George Washington once led troops into battle against the Hessians. But don’t let the violence fool you: This is a family affair. “You’re playing for your family and your friends and people you’ve known all your life, everyone,” says Michael O’Halloran, from County Waterford. “We socialize together, we go to church together, you do everything together, so it’s quite unique in that way.”  []