Parents: Twins Should Be Treated Equally

A new ad touts marriage equality

Courtesy of YouTube

A compelling new ad in support of marriage equality began airing across Maine this week. The ad features Pat and Dan Lawson, the parents of twin sons – one of whom is gay.

The Lawsons have themselves been married for 30 years. And they would like the same opportunity to exist for both of their sons. “Marriage is a commitment that comes from your heart,” says Dan. “If that person wasn’t there, you’re not going to be complete. … If my son finds someone that he’s in love with and wants to create a bond that’s going to last a lifetime, that’s marriage in my mind.”

The ad’s supported by Why Marriage Matters Maine Project, a group that is pushing to legalize same-sex marriage in the state, which has had a rather tumultuous legislative experience with the issue since the law was proposed – and rejected – in 2009.

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