In the Closet: A Man of Many Colors

Fear not the pleats, says Bill Baccini

Bill Baccini at home (photo by Courtney Apple)

Bill Baccini spent almost 20 years working as a textile designer in the fashion industry in New York City. He not only forecast fashion trends, but also met famous sartorialists on the menswear scene. These days, the Montgomery County native shares a home in G-Ho with his longtime partner, Stephen, and a closet filled with sharp looks he’s amassed over the years. They run the style gamut from the classic to the bold and the beautiful.

Age: 57.

Hometown: “I grew up in Rosemont and moved to Philadelphia when I was 18 to go to art school.”

Style inspiration: “I am inspired by textiles, color, music and the courage of others.”

Favorite fall look: “Full, perhaps pleated, straight-leg pants, a chunky shoe and an oversized sweater.”

Must-have accessory: “Truly, a sense of humor. If you take yourself too seriously you will look awful no matter what you are wearing.”

Most interesting accessory: “My scarves are somewhat conversational.”

Can’ live without: A mist of cologne. “I don’t feel dressed without it.”

Favorite men’s designer: Rei Kawakubo for Comme des Garcons and Dries Van Noten.

Shoe count: 41 pairs.

Scarf count: 35.

Most surprising item in closet: “An Adidas soccer shirt I bought in Munich.”

Biggest fashion regret: “I don’t really have any clothing regrets (never did acid-wash), but, looking back, I’m not real happy about having a ponytail or severe manscaping.”

Most vintage item: “I don’t really do vintage‚ I don’t have any clothing much older then the 90s (a wonderful time in men’s fashion). When I was much younger we used to go to thrift shops because we could not afford fashion. Now they’ve made an industry out of it and call it vintage – it’s just old and used. But I do have some beautiful antique cuff links and stickpins.”

Favorite item: “In the fall, it’s a scarf because it frames my face and expresses my mood that day. In winter, it’s my hats because they keep my head warm and they look jaunty. And in the summer, it’s as little as I can get away with and still look dignified.”

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