Seven-Foot Shark Caught, Released in Ocean City, New Jersey

Plus: If your car is stolen, try tweeting about it, a Montco swim club settles a bias suit, new rules give Philly principals added power, and more of what the city is talking about today.

Shark Caught in OCNJ. A kayaker in Ocean City, New Jersey caught himself a seven-foot thresher shark on Thursday. The man felt the tug on his fishing line while he was kayaking relatively close to shore, so he paddled back to land so he could reel the sucker in. He got some pictures and released the thresher shark back into the water. Happy Shark Week, you guys. [Inquirer]

Car Stolen? Try Twitter. A woman tweeted that her car had been stolen in NoLibs earlier this week. People retweeted her cry for help to the Philadelphia Police Department. They stepped in and made sure it hadn’t been towed, then connected the woman with officers from the sixth district. Eventually, they let the victim know that her 1998 Saturn had been moved, and was parked a few blocks away. [Fox 29]

Swim Club Settles Bias Suit. Three years ago, Montco’s Huntington Valley Swim Club refunded nearly $2,000 to a day camp in the Northeast and said that its campers couldn’t use the pool after members were inquiring about the number of minorities in the pool and some of the campers overheard members using racial slurs. Now—even though the club closed in 2010—the campers have been awarded a $1.1 million settlement. [Daily News]

Principals Get Power Boost. Principals in the Philadelphia School District were granted a little more power, recently, when the SRC officially adopted a new conduct policy that eliminated out-of-school suspensions for petty infractions. The principals will now retain some more freedom in how they punish students for swearing or violating the dress code. [Inquirer]

Phils Lose to Brewers. Everyone be surprised that Cliff Lee struck out 12 and the Phils scored four runs, but the bullpen gave away the game. Good news is there are only 44 games left in this dreadful season. [Phillies]

Rabid Skunk Attacks. A rabid skunk attacked a family dog in Cherry Hill last week. Luckily, the pup that mauled the skunk had his shots, so he didn’t need to be put down. Instead, a vet gave him a rabies booster. [CBS 3]

Philly Folk Festival Starts. The Philadelphia Folk Festival officially kicks off in Schwenksville today. Most of the campers set up shop on Thursday in preparation for the festivities. This year, the event will feature Lucinda Williams, Wanda Jackson, Steve Earl and dozens of other acts. [Newsworks]