Someone Tell Andre Iguodala About Fifty Shades of Grey

Plus: Chase Utley is still good at baseball, Mayor Nutter writes a letter to Mitt Romney, someone claims Philly's direwolf, and more of what the city is buzzing about today.

Fifty Shades of What? Can someone explain Fifty Shades of Grey to Andre Iguodala? Dude’s been living under a rock. [Twitter]

Congratulations! You Donated Money to Sandusky’s Charity. Pennsylvania taxpayers have made donations to Jerry Sandusky’s charity, The Second Mile, through a controversial scholarship program called the Educational Improvement Tax Credit. The charity reportedly received $122,861 through the program in the current fiscal year. [Daily News]

Mayor Nutter’s Letter to Mitt Romney. Mayor Michael Nutter—along with the mayors of Allentown, Erie, Reading and Pittsburgh—sent a letter to the Republican presidential candidate to express concern over his penchant for outsourcing American jobs. We’re pretty sure, but not entirely positive, that Mayor Nutter didn’t dot his I’s with hearts. Also, he decided to pass on the fancy, middle-school fold. [Politics PA]

Chase Utley: Basically Immortal? Chase Utley homered in his first at-bat of the season yesterday (and added two more hits), but couldn’t help the Phils top the Pirates. Apparently baseball’s a tough sport when your team gives up 11 runs. Who knew? The important part, though, is that the prodigal son hath returned. [Phillies]

Someone Claims Philly’s Direwolf. Authorities have been tracking a wolf-dog hybrid in Pennypack Park in an attempt to trap the animal before it becomes hostile. Now, a 21-year-old guy has said the dog might be a hybrid he bought in Florida as a gift for his girlfriend. Its name is Levi and he apparently bonded with the guy’s other dog before the couple lost him in Pennypack Park in March. [Inquirer]

SRC to Decide on Superintendent. The 100 or so applications for the superintendent vacancy in the Philadelphia School District have been whittled down to two. Now, the SRC is set to decide—possibly as soon as this week—between William R. Hite Jr. and Pedro Martinez. [Inquirer]