A Chat With Wendy Williams

The talk show diva gives us the scoop on her Pride appearance this weekend

Courtesy of The Wendy Show

As talk show diva Wendy Williams gets her shoe cam, Wonder Woman mug and general fabulousness ready for Philly Pride this weekend – she’s the headliner at Penn’s Landing on Sunday – we talked to her by phone about what she has planned for Philly’s biggest LGBT party of the summer.

Not only will Williams be answering audience questions in a live “Ask Wendy” segment, but she lets us in on why the City of Brotherly and Sisterly Love – and her gay fans – are so important to her.

Why do you think you have so many gay fans?

Gay people have been attracted to what I’ve been doing for years and it’s very flattering. I’ve always been a person of total acceptance of people – I guess they see that. I’m a free spirit with a bit of a flair for the dramatic. It’s flattering!

What can we expect from your live appearance in Philly this weekend?

At 2:30, the mayor is giving me a key to the city, which is a big deal. I spent some very important years in Philly. For the two-and-a-half years I was there, I gave birth to my son Kevin at Methodist Hospital. At 4, I’ll be doing Ask Wendy.

As you get ready for Pride, what’s been on your iPod playlist?

My taste is trapped back in time – maybe 1977 and 1985. I like disco and I love house music. When I am the one to pick the music, it’s always something by Sylvester or Chaka Khan or Diana Ross. And how can you go wrong with Chic?

What about new artists?

I like modern music, as well. I do enjoy Young Jeezy. But I love classic hip hop – and Nikki Minaj, Ke$ha and Katy Perry. I, like many of her gays, are waiting for some new music.

What’s your message to the community as they get ready to celebrate Pride this weekend?

Philly has always been close to my heart. Thank you! I feel like I’m coming to my second home. And I want the people at Ishkabibble’s to have a chesseteak ready for me with lots of cheese and some angry fries!

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