Philly’s Happiest Gay Couples

Seven same-sex Philly couples reveal how they met, what they love about each other and how they make it work.

Katie MacTurk (25) + Megan Edwards (25)

Edwards is a fifth-grade teacher at a Philadelphia public school; MacTurk is a market researcher. They both met at St. Joseph’s University. Earlier this year, the couple raised eyebrows when the college refused to allow them to compete in a Valentine’s Day contest. But after a social media crusade the school reconsidered,
and they entered and won. They’re tying the knot next year.

M: “We’ve been together for three and a half years. We met at a group at school.”

K: “A friend was throwing a get-together. From the first time Megan saw me, she couldn’t help herself.”

M: “I think our first date was in the cafeteria at St. Joe’s. There wasn’t a huge LGBT crowd, but we started throwing a party called Gayapalooza.”

K: “She’s very kind, and she’s generally an open and loving person. She’s made me a better person—though still not as good as she is.”

M: “When you first meet her she’s more quiet, reserved and shy. But she’s very, very funny. She has me laughing constantly. She definitely balances me out. I don’t know how many people could handle me.”

K: “In February, there was a Valentine’s Day contest to submit your Hawkmate photo and how you met. Some of our friends encouraged us to do it. So we submitted our picture and story.”

M: “What started as a simple Facebook note about our disappointment over being turned down got shared widely and much faster than we expected. But we were overwhelmed by how many people we didn’t know who supported us. Really, the most outpouring of support was from straight alumni. We were pleasantly surprised by how many alums really do care.”

K: “And we won the contest by a landslide.”