Philly’s Happiest Gay Couples

Seven same-sex Philly couples reveal how they met, what they love about each other and how they make it work.

Brigit Brust (32) + Jamie Gordon (31)

These partners in life and business have worked together for five years, dated for two and a half and been engaged for six months. Gordon, a licensed realtor, is the vice president and Brust the owner/broker of CITYSPACE, the largest boutique real estate company in Philadelphia. They live together in Northern Liberties.

B: “We became closer friends after she bought the house next door.”

J: “We started cooking together. We didn’t really have a first date. We would cook, and I can’t cook.”

B: “I would give her cooking lessons and drink wine. Then we started dating and realized that we had 6,000 square feet of real estate next to each other. So she sold hers and moved next door.”

J: “She gave me cooking and I gave her travel. We’ve been to 12 countries together. This last time we went to Italy was for three weeks, and we got engaged. We want to do something huge for the engagement party.”

B: “We’re waiting until this summer to think about it. What we thought we wanted has changed four different times. We’ll open a bottle of wine on the beach this summer and figure it out.”

J: “We come out of two different doors but end up in the same room. Brigit is a calm, solutions person. She’s also a risk-taker. She started the idea for the company when she was 24.”

B: “Jamie’s brilliant. At the end of the day I want to hear what she has to say. She lives life boldly. She really brings out the playful, fun side of me. We respect each other’s point of view. We know we may bump heads, and that’s OK. We step away from work, and we have to be able to put it away.”