Mad Men: So Where Were We Now?

A video refresher to get you ready for Sunday's Season Five premiere.

In one pop-culture storm, the first Hunger Games debuts and Mad Men returns in the same weekend. If you haven’t yet read the popular book trilogy but would like to before seeing the movie, trust me: You still have a shot. From a quick sampling of friends, I put the average read time for all three books at about 12.5 hours. Do it in 11 if you get really tired of Katniss’s teen angst and skip some paragraphs here and there. Mad Men, meanwhile, would require more than 30 hours straight of tube time if you need to catch up on all seasons before Sunday night’s premiere. If your bladder (or your significant other) can’t stand that pressure, here’s a quick roundup of fun clips from seasons four and three to get you ready.

Betty and Don Talk About Don’s Fake Identity. How much fun does Betty have at 1:28, when she spits out her husband’s real name?

Oh, How Our Peggy Has Grown. By the way, Mr. Weiner, Peggy can get as wild as she’d like, but please never let her succumb to Don Draper’s charms.

Roger and Joan Get Robbed. I find those who call for Don and Peggy to sleep together a bit freakish, but Roger and Joan? Sure, of course. Who wasn’t waiting for this kiss? Only these two could get turned on by an armed stick-up.

Don Fires Sal. Who isn’t hoping Sal makes an appearance in Season Five? Here’s a reminder of the dismal circumstances of his dismissal. Add your support for his comeback at this “Bring Sal Back” Facebook page.

Facebook Petitions Won’t Bring Mrs. Blankenship Back. You thought Don was hard on Sal? He’s much tougher on his secretaries. You really don’t need to watch this episode before the premiere, but it’s so hilarious that I’m including it. Also, the scene’s a good reminder that Joan can take on anything, which should come in handy with … raising Roger’s baby? Dun, dun, dun.

Roger’s Fake Call. Remember, this is what Roger has sunk to, covering up client troubles and (gasp!) dialing his own calls. Also, precious footage of Bert Cooper in his PJ’s.

Don and Betty Say Good-Bye to the House. Is it me or is every cup clink, scrape, and sip in this scene cuttingly loud? I’m thrilled that the show is returning for another season, but from the moment I saw this scene I couldn’t help but think what a perfect series ender it would’ve been.