Hump Day Headlines

Breaking news, gay marriage votes, entertainment headlines and more

The Dutch Roman Catholic Church admits it castrated boys to “cure” homosexuality.

Was this high school principal fired for being a lesbian?

New Hampshire to vote on gay marriage repeal today.

Supreme Court ruling upholds denial of funding to anti-gay sororities and fraternities.

Kirk Cameron defends his anti-gay comments.

Marines acknowledge DADT in new book. But many gays in the military remain guarded, says new poll.

Dubai responds to gay arrests.

Lesbian couple gets engaged during hockey game.

Rick Santorum is praying for Dan Savage. Savage responded with this.

Rosie gets canceled from Oprah’s OWN.

Lenny Kravitz, bisexuality and Hunger Games.

First James Franco. Now Daniel Radcliffe is to play gay poet Allen Ginsberg.

Bisexual model advances on The Voice.

Dame Edna taking final bow.