Need a Date? Meet Philly’s Gay and Lesbian Singles

A dozen men and women worth taking off the market

The movies make it seem easy. But when it comes to finding Mr. or Ms. Right, life can get a little tricky. That’s why we’ve collected some of the finest catches in Philly. Here, 12 gay and lesbian singles are looking for something a bit more serious than a Craigslist connection.

Wayland “Wade” Harris

33, lives in Center City. He’s been single for about 10 months.

Who I am: “I’m an aspiring performer.” Harris models, acts, sings and dances. “When I’m not on stage you can find me working at Knock and, if you’re lucky,
performing karaoke.”

My ­interests: Running, working out, playing sports, swimming and yoga.

My ideal man: “I think the late Farrah Fawcett said it best: I need a strong man.”

I’m into: Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing, Counting Crows, Chopin and The Catcher in the Rye.

I’m thinking about: “My friends, family and the world. And I try to live my life in such a way that I am constantly being inspired, as well as inspiring others to put the best part of themselves out there for the world to enjoy.”

Alison Lin

lives in West Philly. She’s been single since the spring of 2011.

Who I am: “I am creative, determined, versatile and loyal.” Lin, a youth HIV prevention researcher at CHOP, also works with hotpot! Philly and the National Queer Asian Pacific Islander Alliance.

Things I’m into: Yoga, photography, cooking and community gardening. “My ideal first date includes excited
nervousness, easy connection, laughter and possibly sledding followed by French fries and a beer.”

On my bookshelf: Audre Lorde’s Collected Poems, Deborah Madison’s Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone, the Hunger Games trilogy and In Her I Am by Chrystos.

I’m looking for: “My biggest turn-ons are intelligence, confidence, kindness, playfulness, clever wordplay—and flirting.”

Kaylynn McLean

23, lives in West Philly. She’s been single for two years.

Who I am: This Center City teacher is also a model. “I am really laid-back.” McLean was recently featured in the 2012 bklyn boihood calendar.

I care about: “Laughing the most. Family and my friends are important to me, and I spend a lot of time with them.”

Nature rules: McLean, who doesn’t miss a chance to be outdoors—even on a first date—is looking for someone who is funny and easygoing. She spends a lot of time in New York City when she’s not in Philly, and loves to see plays, movies
and live music both at home and in Brooklyn.

On my bookshelf: The Children of Men, by P.D. James. “I really enjoy reading dystopian literature.” She also has a musical side: “I used to play the French horn.”

Sharone Bilenkin

34, lives in Fishtown. He’s been single for three years.

Who I am: As purchasing manager at Urban Outfitters, Bilenkin’s looking for someone with a creative streak.

Pet peeve: “You must love dogs.” Just ask his large Goldendoodle, Jehta.

Stuff I like: Movies, silly celebrity blogs and a never-ending stream of news. “I have a knack for useless entertainment trivia. If I’m not working, I’m either at the gym or exploring various nooks of the city.”

My wish list: “I am always up for spontaneous travel.” And live music (hello, Scissor Sisters), a good meal, conversation or a film at the Ritz.

My confessions: Just don’t wear pleated pants. “My biggest turn-ons are wit, creativity, curiosity and fitness. But I never learned how to ride a bike. My shameful secret’s exposed.”

Rebecca Stoneberger

31, lives in South Philly. She’s been single for more than two years.

Who I am: Events coordinator. “I’m smart, hardworking, dedicated and loyal. I do whatever’s necessary to get the job done. I’m always honest and say what’s on my mind.” Stoneberger’s from a small town in Montana.

My friends: “Mean the world to me and I make sure they know that every day.”

I’m into: Watching movies, trying new wines, walking through the city parks, and traveling. “I love football and cooking. My ideal first date would be low-key with drinks, dinner, lots of smiles and great conversation.”

Turn-offs: Dishonesty, bad teeth, and a lack of personality, drive and ambition.

I live by: “Life is too short to not have a smile on your face.”

Ivory Harris

29, lives in West Philly. She’s been single for two years.

Who I am: “I’m a laid-back, funny type of female. I like to make people laugh. I’m somewhat of a shy person, until I get to know you.” She works as a customer service representative for an insurance company and has a twin sister named Ebony.

Hoping to find: Someone who’s independent, stable and educated. “Someone who acts like a lady.” Non-smokers, please.

I’m into: Baking, playing basketball and pool, movies, watching football, ­exercising and lounging. “I love to travel to different states. I’ve only traveled outside the U.S. one time, but would love to visit other countries.”

Song that best describes me: India.Arie’s “Ready for Love” and anything by Lil Wayne.

Kyle Bella

22, lives in West Philly. He’s been single for almost a year.

Who I am: “I am endlessly curious.” Bella is a queer-identified, politically active writer who was born in Wisconsin. He’s currently applying to Ph.D. programs.

I care about: Poetry, coffee, photography, theater and finding the best brunch spot.

Turn-ons: Passion, open-mindedness and progressive political views.

I listen to: Big Freedia, Atlas Sound, Lana Del Rey and Purity Ring.

I watch: Buñuel, Lynch and Almodóvar—and The Golden Girls.

I travel a lot: “Since 2006, I’ve lived in four different places: Western Massachusetts, New Orleans, New York City and Philly.”

Bobbyjo Bonser

26, lives in Manayunk. She’s been single for six months.

Who I am: Honest, kind, stubborn and fun. Bonser is also an electronic health record coordinator and a student at Philadelphia University. “I get recognized as the photographer from the Stimulus parties.”

Biggest turn-ons: Androgyny, a sexy voice and a great smell.

I’m into: Photography, thrift shops, coffee shops, reading, yoga and ice cream. “I have a seriously goofy side that only a few close people get to witness.” Don’t be surprised to find her dancing around the house to Incubus and house music. “I just finished The Hunger Games, and my favorite movie is A Bronx Tale.”

Take me out: On a walk before dinner. “The simpler the better.”

David L. Torres

27, lives in Rittenhouse Square. He’s been single for two years.

Who I am: Torres ran his first half-marathon last fall and is training for a full marathon in June. He’s an assistant managing director for the City of Philadelphia. “I manage Global Philadelphia, the city’s language access program that ensures services are available to limited English proficient residents and visitors.” He’s also board president of the Gay and Lesbian Latino AIDS Education Initiative.

My ideal man: Loves pets. He’s both serious and lighthearted and confident in his own skin.

My passions: “I live and breathe this city and know that my purpose in life is to make Philly a better place.”

Guilty pleasures: Reality TV and redheads. “I’m kind of a nerd. I love sci-fi and fantasy. Give me Star Trek, Star Wars or anything with vampires in it.”

Quynh-Mai Nguyen

27, lives in Fairmount. She’s been single for more than a year.

Who I am: “Playful but blunt, with a slightly twisted sense of humor and a steady, humble appreciation for a level head.” Nguyen works in design and marketing and is hoping to meet someone who knows how to dish up some mean pho.

Ideal first date: “I can appreciate the traditional movie-and-dinner type of dates, but thinking outside of the box is pretty hip, too.”

I’m into: Band geek culture, pretty typography, saying hello to other scooter riders during traffic jams, consuming a wide range of food and drinking beer that isn’t hoppy.

My stuff: The Devil Wears Prada, The Time Traveler’s Wife and electronic swing music. “I take my coffee with sugar and no cream. And I’m a secret romantic.”

Lee Kramer

37, lives in Rittenhouse Square. He’s been single for almost two years.

Who I am: A university administrator and pop culture junkie who loves The Wizard of Oz. “I’m a huge movie buff. I’m also
a big theater fan, and I like to perform comedy improv.” Kramer’s produced several cabaret shows and is serious about

Ultimate first date: “Picking out wedding bands, meeting his parents and discussing baby names. Totally kidding!” He’s up for casual dinner or drinks, good conversation and maybe making plans for a second date.

Looking for: Someone with a great personality and sense of humor who’s goal-oriented. I like to continuously challenge myself and grow as a person. I have a great family and a wonderful group of friends, and both are really important to me.”

Just ask: He does impersonations. Really good ones.

Matthew Vlahos

32, lives in Rittenhouse Square. He’s been single for a little more than a year.

Who I am: Vlahos runs his own public relations company. If you’ve been to an event or new restaurant in Philly within the last few years, he probably had something to do with it. “If I wasn’t a publicist, I’d either be a circuit party DJ or an Egyptologist.”

I’m fascinated by: “I’m a total looky-loo. I like to explore, browse and take pictures. I’ve only been in Philly for four years, so it’s all still new to me. I also love road trips with the sunroof open, the music blaring and no map.”

Guilty pleasures: “I have a soft spot for Broadway. I’m a total sucker for a campy musical.”

I’m into: Movies (without subtitles), remixes and Vanity Fair. “I think the biggest turn-on is a guy who can make me laugh. I have no problem with laugh lines—I welcome them!”

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