Q&A: Documentary Filmmaker Don Argott

The guy behind The Art of the Steal is back with Last Days Here.

The Art of the Steal filmmaker, Don Argott, returns with Last Days Here, a doc about a has-been heavy-metal pioneer. Here, the director talks Sundance, Jersey Shore and Twenty Manning.

What Last Days is about: Bobby Liebling, the lead singer of Pentagram. He was addicted to heroin and crack for 40 years, living in his parents’ basement.

Whether your name rhymes with Tebow or Target: Target.

Band you’d most like to have score one of your films: Black Sabbath.

Where you’ll celebrate your first Oscar win: Twenty Manning. Audrey Taichman is a dear friend.

Three “desert island” docs: American Movie. Salesman. Some Kind of Monster.

Best review: The Times used “perfection” for Art of the Steal. And Ebert and Roeper gave two thumbs up for my first film, Rock School.

How you celebrated that: Lots of drinking.

Whether you skied at Sundance in January: No, I don’t know how to ski. Or swim.

Home TV size: Fifty-two inches. Not obscene.

Show most likely to be on your DVR: South Park.

Number of suits you own: One.

How much you hate wearing it: Very much.

Nearsighted or far: What is it when you can’t see far away?

How you blow off steam: Playing guitar in my heavy-metal band, Serpent Throne.

Movie everyone says is great but isn’t: An Inconvenient Truth.

Whether Jersey Shore is a documentary: No. It’s a piece of garbage.

Last Days Here opens March 9th at the Ritz at the Bourse.

The piece originally appeared in the March 2012 issue of Philadelphia magazine.