Celeb Scoop: Is Will Smith’s Bromance Making Jada Jealous?

Plus a teaser video for Philly's Melody Gardot, the reason Tina Fey snubbed LiLo on SNL, and how you can become the next Top Model.

What’s With the Fresh Prince and Duane Martin? Rumor has it that Will Smith and Duane Martin spend an inordinate amount of time together and that Jada is (was?) less than thrilled about it. [Jezebel]

So, People Love The Voice Like Whoa. NBC has allegedly bet $20 million in marketing on the success of The Voice. Plans are for the show to expand to two episodes a week next month. [The Wrap]

Who’s Who at SXSW? Blue Ivy’s daddy, Wooderson, and Peter Griffin are all going to be at the everything festival in Austin for something or other. [MTV]

Tina Fey Blew Off Lindsay Lohan SNL Monologue. But, it was only because her kids were sick. Or she had to do her hair. Or, like, ate some really bad sushi or something. [Us Weekly]

America’s Next Top Model Search in Deptford. Do you go to school? Are you between the ages of 18 and 27? Are you at least 5’7″? Would you like to have Tyra Banks scream-cry at you? Then get to the Hollywood Tans in Deptford for the America’s Next Top Model casting search. [PhillyGossip]

Melody Gardot Album Teaser. The jazz vocalist from Philly is set to drop her latest album in late May. A teaser for The Absence has popped up online.

Do No Harm Shooting in Rittenhouse Square. Do No Harm is a new NBC pilot starring Phylicia Rashad of The Cosby Show fame is set to shoot in Rittenhouse Square tomorrow. The show is said to be a modern take on Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde that focuses on a neurosurgeon’s battle with an alter ego that can’t be quelled by medicine. [PhillyChitChat]