What We Love: Macy’s Two Grooms

A new advertisement is a subtle nod to gay marriage

One Million Moms may not be too pleased with a new ad for the wedding registry at Macy’s, but we love it. The image – which features a car parked in a vineyard with a license plate that says, “I Do” – also features a wedding cake in the trunk with two grooms on top.

It may be a subtle nod toward gay marriage, but we applaud the retailer for using same-sex nuptials to promote the registry. After all, one of the chain’s most famous flagship stores at New York’s Herald Square just so happens to be in a state that legalized gay marriage last year.

Subtle as it may be, the ad is drawing ire from anti-gay groups just the same. “Just because gay marriage is legal in a few states,” says the One Million Moms website, “this is inappropriate marketing and conservative customers will not support it.” The group’s even started a petition asking Macy’s to pull it.

Call us crazy, but we doubt Macy’s will want to give up the millions in potential revenue from same-sex marriage in the states that do allow it. It’s a big business. Even New York’s Mayor Michael Bloomberg has said that since gay marriage was legalized in New York, the state’s enjoyed an increase in tourism dollars and overall revenue – to the tune of millions.

And we’re proud that the retailer isn’t bending to pressure.

“Macy’s proudly serves a large and diverse marketplace,” Beth Charlton, a Macy’s spokesperson says in a statement, “including customers with a wide range of needs and preferences. We strive to embrace customers of all ethnic backgrounds, ages, races, faith traditions, genders and lifestyles through the products we sell and the content of our marketing.”

Way to go, Macy’s!