The Internet Takes a Day Off in Protest

Plus: J-Roll's going to be a daddy, the Flyers smoke the Wild, Tom Byrne throws around the term "celebrity," and more of what the city is buzzing about today.

The Internet is Blacked Out. Craigslist, Wikipedia, Reddit, and even the Google logo are blacked out today to raise awareness of the SOPA bill that is threatening the freedom you have while perusing the web. [Inquirer]

Jimmy Rollins is Going to Be a Daddy. Jimmy and his wife Johari are expecting their first child. Becoming a father might cut down on the time J-Roll has to travel to Uganda and freestyle rap. [Daily News]

Flyers Crush the Wild. Couturier has scored in five straight games, G notched his 200th career point, Hartnell scored his 20th (ya hear that, NHL hockey operations department?) and this girl loves Claude Giroux. [The 700 Level]

You Don’t Know Who Tom Byrne Is?! Yeah, well, neither did the cabbie that the 97.5 the Fanatic’s nighttime host allegedly tried to cheat out of a $5 fare early yesterday morning. When the cabbie made a stink, Byrne allegedly knocked the glasses off the guy’s face, punched him repeatedly, and dragged him back to the cab. [Daily News]

Corbett Plans DRPA Changes. Governor Corbett is expected to appoint a former chief of staff for Congressmen Mike Fitzpatrick and Curt Weldon to replace Bob Gross as the number-two man in the Delaware River Port Authority. [FOX 29]

Adam Taliaferro Is Running for a PSU Board of Trustees Spot. The former Nittany Lion had to re-teach himself to walk after an on-the-field injury at Penn State. He was recently elected as a freeholder in Jersey and now seeks a spot on the Penn State University Board of Trustees. [Penn Live]