Roy Halladay Rescues Victim of Anaconda Attack in the Amazon

Yes, that headline is real. Doc Halladay was recently in the Amazon with Chris Carpenter (boo) and a bunch of other friends on a fishing trip. Halladay came across a naked guy sitting on a tree. The guy was a local who was trying to catch tropical fish to sell to aquariums when an anaconda attacked him. The guy was bitten on the ass but managed to escape before the snake wrapped him up. After missing its prey, the snake wrapped itself around the motor of the guy’s boat and ripped it off, stranding him in the middle of the Amazon. Doc came along and helped him flip his boat and gather his stuff before towing him back into town. We’ve got Croce hunting pirate skeletons, Doc rescuing snake-bite victims in the Amazon and Bryz wrangling the enormity of the universe. If an Eagle thwarts a bank robbery anytime soon the Philly-sports super hero battalion will be complete. Any chance the city would lend funds to build them a lair? [Zoo With Roy]