GLAAD Wants Flyer Punished

Demands action after Wayne Simmonds allegedly used a homophobic slur Monday night

Wayne Simmonds—one of the new Flyers acquired in this summer’s philosophical realignment made news last week when—during a shootout against the Red Wings—a fan hurled a banana peel onto the ice in what was interpreted as a racially motivated gesture. Now, Simmonds is again in the news, but is this time accused of being on the other side of the discrimination fence. Simmonds is said to have used a homophobic slur during the preseason game with the Rangers last night after known instigator Sean Avery “sucker punched” him. GLAAD is demanding that he be disciplined for his actions and the NHL might agree as they’re set to meet with Simmonds this afternoon to discuss the incident. [FOX 29]