100 People in Center City Protest the Execution of Troy Davis

Plus: Josh Fattal reunited with his family, PPD sues ex-cop who shot himself, Mayor Nutter's new curfew proposal, and more of what Philly is buzzing about today

100 People in Center City Protest Troy Davis’s Execution. Last night, after a final effort to obtain a stay of execution was denied, Troy Davis died by lethal injection in Georgia. In Philadelphia, approximately 100 people protested the execution by marching back and forth across 15th Street at City Hall. [Inquirer]

Josh Fattal Reunited With His Family. The American hiker was release from Iranian prison, where he was held for the past 26 months after being accused of espionage for hiking into Iranian land from Afghanistan. [Inquirer]

Philly Sues Ex-Cop Who Shot Himself. Robert Ralston—a 47-year-old former Philadelphia Police sergeant—filed a report saying that a black man shot him in the shoulder. As it turns out, Ralston pulled a Plaxico and shot himself with his own weapon. On Tuesday, the department filed a civil suit seeking $11,000 from Ralston to compensate for medical expenses and salary that they would not have paid if they had known the truth. [Daily News]

Mayor Nutter to Send New Curfew Plan to Council. In some post-flash mob related news, Mayor Nutter intends to put a new curfew plan in front of City Council that would help distinguish between the different age brackets within the under 18 demographic. [CBS 3]

Abuse Victims, Addicts May Be Out of Home. The House of Hugs—a structured group home in Philadelphia for women battling abuse or addiction—is in danger of closing its doors because the city is $3,400 behind on its funding payments. [FOX 29]

Vince Young Impersonator Spotted in Philly. That guy who has been pretending to be Vince Young has been spotted in town. The man is a registered sex offender and has been hitting people up for cash for the Vince Young Foundation. [6 ABC]