Philly Teen Takes on Bullying

Check out Taylor Bright's latest music video

In Taylor Bright‘s new music video “Psycho,” the 18-year-old Philly pop singer sends the message that bullying (or more to the point: stalking) won’t be tolerated. The video for the single – the first from her upcoming EP Mixtape Love – channels her own experiences with bullying, she says.

“I really felt this is an important message for anyone who has been a victim,” says Bright. “Too often people are scared and intimidated. I really love being able to visualize the message in the video because it shows that by embracing that nervous energy and ultimately taking back the power, the stalker has failed and gets a taste of his own medicine.”

The song – in the style of pop tarts like Britney – is currently being featured as part of the Musicians Against Bullying initiative.

Check it out: