Nate Berkus Highlights Philly Company

The Design God, the subway, and two local style mavens

Everything Oprah Winfrey touches turns to gold, including Nate Berkus (though, with those movie-star looks and serious design talent, he was pretty much already there). And, accordingly, everything Nate Berkus touches turns to pure and utter fabulousness.

His latest find is something we’ve known and loved for a while: My Subway Sign, Kathy Cochet and Anne Flynn’s local company that creates vintage-looking subway signs based on, well, anything really, from your street address to your kids’ birthdays. It’s the chicest way we’ve ever found to display all those numbers and letters that hold so much importance to us—anniversaries, the address of our first home, our wedding date—in a big, striking, artful font. And today, the ladies are garnering major street cred with a spot on Nate’s eponymous show (tune in to NBC 10 today at 2 p.m. to catch them). (Anne and Kathy, a request: Please run your fingers through Nate’s hair for us. And then come back to Philly and tell us everything.)

So here’s what you need to do: Check out their website, figure out what combo of numbers, dates and words mean the most to you, order a custom sign (small ones are $225; the large run $450), and then feel incredibly in-the-know as you watch the stylistas chum it up with Nate.

Nate, we love you, but we knew them first.