Photo of the Day: Back to School

Jack Raech, rising kindergartner, age five, at Drexel Hill uniform store Flynn & O’Hara. He's suiting up for the school year at Havertown’s Sacred Heart Manoa

Photography by Ryan Donnell

Is this your first year wearing a tie to school? Yeah. I wore regular clothes before. They didn’t make us in pre-K.

How do you feel about it? Good. I look like my dad when he goes to work. He’s a businessman.

So when do you graduate to a non-clip-on tie? This isn’t a clip-on. It goes around and clips on in the back. I only wore a clip-on once, at Christmas. And at Easter, one time. I dunno when I’ll wear the real kind.

How many of those do you have for the year? Two.

Just two? Are you worried about keeping them neat at recess? No …

What’s the first thing you’ll change into when you get home from school? My play clothes. I wear a sweatsuit when I get home.

What’s the worst part about summer ending? We go to Ocean City, New Jersey, every weekend. We can’t do that anymore now that school’s starting.

I bet you don’t need to wear a tie there. No. Just play clothes.