John Bolaris Battles Fake John Bolaris on Twitter

Who ya got?

Ah, the honeypot—an espionage classic. Last year, Philadelphia weatherman and notorious “socialite” John Bolaris made a bit of a splash in the news when he was drugged (twice) by two Latvian women who subsequently ran up $43,000 on his AmEx. Honeypot me once, shame on me—honeypot me twice and I’ll have to file a civil suit to repair my credit rating, testify in federal court, and engage in a futile Twitter battle with someone trolling the hell out of me. After everything hit the proverbial fan, someone went onto Twitter and registered as @JohnBolaris (later changed to @FakeJohnBolaris after the real Bolaris threatened legal action). Whoever operates the fake account has been splitting sides in the Philly web community for months with regular tweets mocking the weatherman with use of “Do Shot” (what the scammers said when drugging him) among other things. Then, the real Bolaris tweeted a forecast to Howard Stern and his wife about Hurricane Irene. When @FakeJohnBolaris tweeted back, the real and fake Bolarises (Bolari?) squared off in a battle on the social media site. A good way to differentiate between the two is that @FakeJohnBolaris is the one with the goatee. [Philadelphia Will Do]