Kiosk of Death

Walmart's the latest to say "Hell no!" to the LCB

It was a mere six months ago that the PLCB announced, with great fanfare, that it would be extending its super-high-tech wine kiosk concept to 24 Walmart stores around the state. Hey, guess what? Walmart’s pulled out of the deal, hot on the heels of Wegmans’ decision in June to kill its kiosks. (The unwieldy machines were plagued by mechanical woes, and consumers didn’t care for their limited choices and the requirement that they tap-dance while whistling Flight of the Bumblebee in order to procure a bottle of red.)

This article from the Allentown Morning Call explains something we’d been wondering about—how much each Rube Goldberg contraption costs. Grand total: $100,000 apiece. The LCB says the Montco company that makes the kiosks, Simple Brands, owes it a million bucks. Guess it wasn’t so simple. PLCB, thanks for looking out for your customers so very, very well. Now, how long before the inevitable announcement that the whole damned kiosk thing is a big dead fish? (Could be as soon as September 19th.) Free Pennsylvania from chardonnay tyranny! Kill the state stores!