Conservative Gays Court Coulter

GOProud names the pundit to its advisory council

Ann Coulter (center) with GOProud founders Chris Barron and Jimmy LaSalvia (courtesy of GOProud)

Ann Coulter talked to CSPAN recently about gay people (presumably gay men) who have taken a liking to her, including the gay conservative group GOProud, which announced just recently that the right-wing pundit would become an honorary chair of its advisory council.

In the past, Coulter has gushed about GOProud, while has had choice words for another gay group for conservatives – the Log Cabin Republicans. She said recently that they tend to be a bit more liberal when it comes to social issues (in fact, they were invested in ending the ban on LGB service members in the military for the last few years before Obama repealed “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”).

But why do gay conservatives seem to latch on to what Coulter has to say these days? Is this a new phenomenon or is she speaking to something that LGBT Republicans can relate to as the country gears up for yet another presidential election?

As a presumably heterosexual woman, Coulter’s made nothing short of stereotypical comments about the gay community that might have others ruffling their feathers. For example, she recently admitted that she’s looking forward to attending GOProud events because she’s in the market for a new hairdresser. And in the past she’s suggested that gays don’t belong anywhere near the military (neither do women in her opinion) and that praying the gay away might actually work – though no one in their right might would pray the straight away, she said.

GOProud’s Chair Christopher Barron has credited the conservative author with putting the group on the map. “We need more Ann Coulters,” he said in a statement. Other board members currently include Andrew Breitbart, Margaret Hoover and Grover Norquist.

Below is a portion of the CSPAN interview – in which Coulter challenges why any gay person – who she describes as being wealthy and disliked by Muslims – would ever side with liberals when it’s the Republican party that’s looking out for their best interests (tell that to the four GOP candidates who recently signed the pledge against same-sex marriage and that labels gay men as a national health risk). She also goes on to say that gay people have no investment in the abortion debate because “as soon as liberals find a gay gene, guess who’s going to get aborted?”

Check it out: