Stephen Colbert Weighs in on Fracking

Plus: NL wins the All-Star Game, Philly's "slut walk" and more of what everyone is talking about today

Stephen Colbert Attacks Fracking in Marcellus Shale. After catching wind of Talisman Energy’s coloring book “detailing” the benefits of fracking, Stephen Colbert attacked the book, the company and the energy-production process and weighed in on the Marcellus Shale debate in a segment on The Colbert Report Monday night. [Inquirer]

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Anti-frack Attacks
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National League Wins All-Star Game. Doc Halladay needed only 19 pitches to throw two perfect innings to start things off for the NL. He was relieved by fellow Phillie Cliff Lee who threw 1.2 innings but gave up a home run to Adrian Gonzalez of the Boston Red Sox. Milwaukee’s Prince Fielder had a three-run home run of his own as he won MVP and helped the NL secure home field advantage during the World Series with a 5-1 victory. [Phillies]

Michael Vick Endorsement Deal in the Works. The Pro Bowl quarterback has done a tremendous amount of work to repair his football career and his public image after doing time for his involvement in a dog fighting ring. Now, it appears as though Vick and MusclePharm—a dietary supplement company—are close to agreeing on a three-year $1.55 million deal that would make Vick a spokesman for the company. [Daily News]

Philly Slut Walk Has Been Rescheduled. The event—which is held to raise awareness of misogynistic tendencies in cases of sexual harassment and debunk societal double-standards that judge women for the way they dress—has been slated for August 6th. At 11 A.M. rally-goers will walk from 11th and Pine at Kahn Park to Dilworth Plaza where they’ll be addressed by speakers. [CBS 3]

PennDOT Sold $300,000 Worth of Vanity Plates Last Year. At $20 a pop, PennDOT issued 15,000 vanity plates to Pennsylvania drivers in 2010. What a WSTFMNY. [WHYY]