Gays To School District: Bravo

New Hope Celebrates awards a grant to the local school district. Plus: a "Born This Way" dance party

On July 15 (9 p.m.-1 a.m.) the “Born This Way” dance at The Raven will celebrate a grant being given from New Hope Celebrates (NHC) to the New Hope-Solebury School District’s Diversity Committee (NHS).

The committee, says Daniel Brooks, founder and executive director for NHC, is committed to ensuring harmony despite differences. The group has also taken a stance on bullying and harassment by building a task force to address diversity at the high school – a commitment they say will continue into the next school year.

The school is also discussing the possibility of forming a gay-straight alliance (GSA).

“We are so pleased by the progress NHS has made this year in becoming more aware of the unique experiences of their LGBT teenage populace,” says Brooks. “The most moving part of our recent Pride parade, to me, was seeing NHS school board members, teachers and students carrying our giant rainbow flag.” The flag was donated by New Hope’s sister city in Pride – Key West, Fl. NHS school superintendent Dr. Raymond Boccuti led the group at the parade.

“The cohesiveness from NHS High School sent a message to all of our area teenagers that while they are unique, they are treated and supported the same,” says Brooks. “It was totally inspiring and gave me yet another reason to be proud of New Hope – always a town where there is respect for variance and individuality.”

Joyce Mundy, who was previously a middle school principal at NHS, will represent the school at the “Born This Way” event. Dylan Platt, a former student at NHS, will also speak at the event, where audiences of all ages will enjoy a variety show by Michael Gardner (also known as Miss Pumpkin), along with a dance party with proceeds benefitting NHC.

“Born This Way,” July 15, 9 p.m., The Raven, 385 W. Bridge St., 215-862-8819.