Ride the Ducks Suspends Boat Tours Today

Plus name-calling and Governor Christie, a big donation to a Haverford school, PA citizens get chance to make their own laws and more of what Philly is talking about today

No Duck Boats Today. It was last July 7th that the Duck Boat crash happened on the Delaware, resulting in two deaths. To mark the anniversary, the company won’t run tours today. [Inquirer] Parents of the two victims wrote about their loss for the Daily News today. [Daily News]

Name-Calling in New Jersey. New Jersey State Senate President Steve Sweeney won’t say he’s sorry for calling the NJ guv a bastard (after the Governor tweaked the state budget with line-item vetoes). “It was very upsetting to me to watch these programs be cut and the Governor showed such callousness to people over what government is supposed to be for,” Sweeney said. Christie is currently on vacation where, the Scoop suspects, he is not sniffling to his mommy. [CBS 3]

Friends School Haverford Gets Big Donation. John C. Haas, the former Rohm & Haas Co. chair who died in April, left $500,000 to his elementary alma mater. [Inquirer]

Northeast Philly Shakes Again. The seismograph people confirm it: Another little earthquake hit the Northeast yesterday. Frankford and Cottman: All the hazards of California, none of the palm trees or beaches. [NBC 10]

State Senator Anthony Williams Sponsors Legislation Contest. Williams is looking for constituents to offer up their own ideas for what should become laws. He says he will actually introduce the winning idea in the PA Senate. The Scoop has already entered: Free ice cream every Friday! (Prediction: This will be one of the highest-quality submissions.) [Politics PA]

Peco Plans to Raise Rates. The power company says charges should go up about six percent this fall, but only because they’ve been “undercharging” customers. [Inquirer]