Gay Marriage is Profitable

But is it enough to win over the GOP?

Not only is marriage equality fair, but it turns out it’s also lucrative for states that legalize it. According to an article in USA Today, the state of New York will likely net $400 million from gay weddings in the next three years. The estimate takes into account everything from actual weddings and license fees to tourism and tax revenue. As many states struggle with tough budgets, gay marriage is looking like a good way to boost the economy.

The Mayor’s Office in New York is even gearing up to launch a tourism campaign aimed at making the city a tourist destination for LGBT folks wanting to wed. When the law goes into effect July 24, Mayor Michael Bloomberg will introduce “NYC I Do,” he tells Bloomberg News. The city’s own tourism website already includes a Q&A about same-sex marriage that provides links to hotels and wedding specials around town, including venues that are ready to welcome same-sex couples for their big day.

In the city alone, New York is expecting a windfall of millions to the already $31 billion tourism industry, according to Kimberly Spell, a spokesperson for New York & Company – the city’s marketing office.

In a May report from the Democratic Conference, it’s also predicted that more than 20,000 gay and lesbian couples from surrounding states will likely marry in New York.

While New York will be reaping the benefits of gay marriage, in nearby New Jersey, Governor Chris Christie didn’t mince words when he appeared on Meet the Press on Sunday, reiterating that he opposes gay marriage. New Jersey does, however, offer civil unions which carry a few of the same rights afforded to married couples – but not all.

And presidential candidate and former Pa. senator Rick Santorum also came out against gay marriage, saying it “cheapens” marriage. “The reason the Left has gone after same-sex marriage is because it’s a two-fer,” he said while campaigning in Iowa. “When you redefine marriage, you cheapen marriage. You make it into something less valuable, less special…it is a sure bet that will undermine faith.”

Because Britney Spears’ quickie wedding in Vegas a few years back – that was really “special,” right?