Governor Corbett and Company Reach Budget Deal

Tentative agreement in place for Pennsylvania's $27.15 billion budget

Governor Tom Corbett and Pennsylvania legislators  have (for now) agreed on a state budget to the tune of $27.15 billion. The deal comes after months of deliberation and debate—specifically concerning the school budgets—on how and where Pennsylvania’s money would be appropriated. Governor Corbett had initially proposed a budget that would have seen 52 percent of the higher education budget cut. The new deal has just a 19 percent cut in that category. Pennsylvania’s budget also seems to keep in mind that Corbett pledged not to raise or impose new taxes. No new taxes, no higher rates and only 19 percent of the higher education budget gets the axe? The Scoop had been bracing himself for the new budget agreement all year, but it seems as if that splinter was plucked out rather painlessly. [Inquirer]