Got Pole?

Matthew Izzo tells us what's green, glam and good to nosh on this spring

Courtesy of Cake & the Beanstalk

Skinny is so last year. That’s why I’ve been stopping by the new Cake & the Beanstalk…after my oh-so-strenuous 10-minute workouts at the gym. Now that spring has sprung, I prefer a walk around town to stretch my legs – and ogle what’s new – especially with so many hot spots to check out.

If you’re hungry for a special treat, try the strawberry pound cake at this new Gayborhood outpost that opened March 1. Daniel Klein, the owner and longtime baker – he worked at Circa, Morimoto, Le-Bec Fin and Striped Bass over the years – has created a menu of very yummy treats. The cafe even offers a great garden view and serves up local Chestnut Hill Coffee. I can’t wait until he introduces his signature sandwiches on Le Bus bread.

Courtesy of Platinum Pole Dance Studio

On one of my recent walkabouts, I saw this: Got Pole? The bright pink sign certainly got my attention. Turns out Platinum Dance Studio offers pole dancing lessons in Old City. So if you and your friends are looking for a fun – if not ridiculous – way to spend an evening, you can get pole, too. It’s just $10 for a class. And – get this – the studio also sells adult toys.

If you’d rather save the world than spin upside-down on a stripper pole, then give the Big Green Earth Store a whirl. This friendly, eco-conscious shop has a unique assortment of green gifts and housewares that are perfect for getting your pad ready for spring.

Courtesy of Big Green Earth Store

A few items that caught my attention: The SonnyLight LED Kitchen Garden that lets you grow plants, fruits, vegetables, flowers and herbs indoors thanks to new NASA-inspired technology; the Twisted Silver Justice Cuff that’s made from recycled metal into a vintage-inspired bracelet (it’s very butch, ladies); and the Moso Natural Air Purifying Bags that use bamboo and charcoal to absorb odors from the air naturally. It just made my spring cleaning that much easier.

Matthew Izzo is the owner of a fashion and furniture boutique in Old City. He recently opened a new shop on 12th Street in Philly’s Gayborhood.