We Stopped Caring About the Barnes a Year Ago

(And yet we’re still talking about it, why?) Plus: Milton Street is waxing eloquent, SEPTA gets a color scheme, Stu Bykofsky goes on Facebook (and comedy ensues), the feds’ L&I/PPD probe thickens, and more of what Philly’s talking about this morning

Milton Street Will—Quote—“Wax Eloquent All Up And Down.” Yesterday, John Street’s convicted-tax-cheat brother and his “army of ex-offenders” announced his bid for mayor, demanding that Nutter debate him, but betting that the Mayor won’t, because “I am pregnant with information.” Words cannot express how much we love this guy. Meanwhile, Tom Knox—this Tom Knox, in case you’d forgotten—is assessing poll numbers today, and will soon decide whether to run in the primary or as an independent in the general. [Daily News]

Speaking of Waxing Eloquently … Stu Bykofsky debates (with himself) the merits of Facebook. He is paid to do this. [Daily News]

Oh, SEPTA. The transit agency, which ditched its “R” designations on regional rails last year for some reason that’s not entirely clear, is now re-designating those rail lines with colors. But not the same colors they were before, because SEPTA loves nothing more than fucking with your head. Also, they’re terribly sorry that you’ve been squished like canned sardines inside regional trains this winter. It’s the weather, and the fact that about 50 rail cars are down for repairs. [Inquirer]

The Feds Close In on L&I, PPD Probe. The FBI hopes that financial documents obtained in a recent search warrant will shed light on a kickback and payoff scheme involving, well, a whole lot of people. Can’t wait to see this story unpacked in full. [Inquirer]

Why Are We Still Talking About The Barnes? Despite the snowstorms, the Barnes folks say their parkway museum is still on track for a May 2012 opening. Meanwhile, Congressman Jim Gerlach has asked Governor Corbett to rescind the state’s $47 million grant to the Barnes, but even if that happened, $36 million has already been spent and it’s unlikely the state will get it back. So, can we all move on now? [Newsworks]

Phillies Single-Game Tickets Go On Sale … Now. People have been lined up at the Bank to buy the tickets, which officially go on sale at 8:30 this morning, for hours. The Scoop prefers to get gouged on Stubhub. [NBC Philadelphia] RELATED: If you’ve not yet submitted your essay telling us why you’re the Phillies’ number one fan, the deadline is tomorrow, so click this link right now. Winner gets $500.