Pulse: Pursuits: Q&A With Nancy Kerrigan

The famed Olympic medalist, 41, skates with Brian Boitano, Sasha Cohen and Scott Hamilton at Caesars on December 11th.

How you feel about the term “Kerrigan” being used as a verb to describe the elimination of one’s opponents:
I’ve won two Olympic medals. To be used like that? It stinks. Besides, shouldn’t it be “Harding”?

How your age affects your skating:
It’s really hard. I’m getting old.At the end of my routine, my chest is killing me.

Why we haven’t seen you on reality TV:
I was asked to do The Apprentice, but I didn’t want to be a part of that atmosphere. People get so upset with each other.

What it was like having Will Ferrell tell you about his “boner” in Blades of Glory? Bizarre. It was hard to keep a straight face.

Christmas wish:
Peace. I’m not joking. I have three noisy kids. It’s a hectic life, always busy, busy, busy.