Who Does Philly Love More: The Phillies or the Eagles?

See what the TV ratings have to say. Plus: Lower Merion's webcam kid cashes in, Ricky Mariano is getting sprung, and more of what Philly is talking about this morning

Lower Merion Webcam Kid Cashes In. Blake Robbins will receive $175,000 in a settlement reached with Lower Merion school district. Of course, that’s peanuts compared to the $425,000 his attorney, Mark Holtzman, will get in legal fees (paid by the district). [Inquirer]

More Than Half of Philly School Cafeterias Fail Health Inspections. Lovely. [Daily News]

Runyan and Adler Go After Each Other in Cherry Hill. The former Eagle and the freshman Congressman from South Jersey went after each in a debate in Cherry Hill — including an exchange about Runyan’s donkeys. (No, the Scoop wouldn’t kid about the donkeys.) [Inquirer]

Phillies Beat the Eagles. TV ratings from Sunday’s game are in, and apparently Philly loves the Phils more than the Birds. The Phillies drew 39 percent of the audience while the Eagles got 35 percent. [Philly.com]

John Saler Named Head of the Airport Advisory Board. He’s the big-deal lobbyist at Stradley Ronon. Now you know who to call when your plane is delayed. [PoliticsPA]

Free Ricky Mariano! Oh wait, they’re actually doing it. The former city councilman is getting sprung next week and will be staying in a Philly halfway house. [Philly.com]

Stricter Teen Driving Laws Hit Snag. The Pennsylvania legislature probably won’t pass any new teen driving laws before it adjourns. Some lawmakers want to ban kids from using cell phones in cars and limit the number of passengers teen drivers can shuttle around. [Main Line Times]

Eric Snow Will Be the New Color Analyst for Sixers TV Broadcasts. You know, the professional basketball team in the city. Hello? Is this on? [Daily News]