Obama’s Awkward Encounter with Arlen Specter

The prez comes to town. Plus: Oprah gives Philly schools a million bucks, Kerri-Lee Halkett is off the air, and more of what Philly is talking about this morning

Cole Hamels Is God! He only gave up one run in eight innings as the Phils lengthened their lead over the dreaded Braves. The Scoop remembers when we all hated Cole. Wasn’t that silly? [Daily News]

Obama Comes to Town…and Runs Into Specter. As the LA Times says here…awkward! Meanwhile, Specter completely disses Joe Sestak. Also…awkward! Hilarious post. [LA Times]

Pay Your Train Fare With a Debit Card. You may be able to do it on PATCO, under a new plan they’re floating. Paying attention, SEPTA? [Inquirer]

Court Says BRT Must Live. The Pennsylvania Supreme Court thumbed its nose at Philly voters and said only the General Assembly has the power to pull the plug on the BRT. The good news: It’s cool to strip the BRT of its power to set tax assessments. [Inquirer]

Oprah Gives A Million Bucks to Local Schools. Her O-ness wrote a check for Mastery Prep Charter Schools, which have raised student performance and lowered violence. Nice. [6abc]

The Great Recession Is Over. And according to economists, actually has been since June 2009! So all this unemployment and general economic pain? Just a mistake, folks. Just a mistake. Please return to what you were doing. [Business Journal]

SugarHouse Opens Its Doors. Sort Of. The casino started a two-day trial run, with proceeeds going to charity (though gamblers got to keep their winnings). Day two of the invitation-only event is tomorrow; the real opening is on Thursday. [Daily News]

Where Is Kerri-Lee Halkett? The Fox anchor hasn’t been on the air since September 8th. Station says she’s on personal leave and won’t be back til mid-October. [Philly.com]