Ben Bernanke Takes a Tasty Break!

Plus: Rumors swirl about Sam Katz running again, City Council pulls a weasel move, and more of what Philly's talking about this morning

Ben Bernanke Takes a Tasty Break! The Fed chairman came to Philly yesterday for a visit to the Navy Yard. He got a tour of the new Tasty Baking HQ, and spent some time with a pie supervisor (not making this up). “Best time I’ve had in a while,” he said. The Scoop can just imagine. [WSJ]

City Council Raises Property Taxes 10%! Actually, they raised them a weaselly 9.9 percent, since they wanted to avoid double digits. But then they tacked some other small taxes to raise the additional dough. [Daily News]

Katz… Now and Forever? The DN’s Clout reports that three-time mayoral candidate (and current Philly Mag contributor) Sam Katz may be exploring another run for mayor — this time as a Democrat. The really big news: In his next Q & A for Philly Mag, Sam raps. (But you’ll have to wait a week or two to see that.) [Daily News]

Was the Arlen Attack Ad Taken Out of Context? Specter says the Sestak ad — which shows Arlen saying “My change in party will help me be re-elected” — was taken out of context. Okay, but what about the creepy leer, Arlen? (See the ad here.) []

South Philly Principal Resigns. Seems she hadn’t been certified to work as an administrator since 2005. And thus ends one of the most truly God awful reigns of a school official in, oh, ever. [Daily News]

Swim Club At Heart of Racial Controversy Is Sold. The Valley Swim Club in Huntingdon Valley, which told 56 black and Latino kids not to bother coming back last summer, was sold to a Northeast Philly synagogue for $1.46 million. [Inquirer]

Legal Seafoods Opens at the Airport. In case you’re in the mood for some chowda while you’re waiting for your delayed flight to take off. [Business Journal]

Harrah’s in Chester Approved for Table Games. They should be rolling by mid-summer. [Business Journal]

“The Biggest Game of Our Careers.” So says Bruin Zdeno Chara about tonight’s game seven versus the Flyers. The Scoop is actually impressed Chara could speak at all, given how badly the Bruins seem to choking. [Boston Globe]