Murphy Wins Powerful Congressional Spot, Takes Shot at Taser Kid

"I would have tasered him myself," he says. Plus: Ed likes Saidel, J Roll likes Arlen, and more of what's news this morning

Support Dips for Onorato in Latest Poll. But don’t get too excited — he’s still going to win the Democratic gubernatorial primary by a mile. []

Comcast Says NBC Deal Won’t Hurt Web Video. But some web video companies don’t seem so sure. [SFGate]

J Roll Loves Arlen. He’s making robo-calls for  him. At least we think they’re robo-calls. With his DL stint, he has a lot of time on his hands. []

Congressman Pat Murphy On the Taser-gate Kid: “I Would Have Tasered Him Myself.” If it had been his kid. Why does this remind the Scoop of Rendell paying that guy to throw snowballs during an Eagles game? (By the way, Murphy just got named to the powerful House Appropriations committee). Speaking of Ed…[Philly Burbs]

Rendell Endorses Saidel for Lt. Governor.  Says he helped turn Philly around in the 90s; doesn’t mention the hairpiece. [PoliticsPA]

21-Year-Old Penn Kid Raises $500,000 for Tech Startup. It’s called DormNoise — a centralized campus calendar. []

Baldwin School Honors Its Oldest Living Alum. She graduated in 1922, is 105 years old,  and is absolutely beautiful. (Okay, that ends the Willard Scott portion of the Daily Scoop.) [Main Line Times]