Run, Ricky, Run?

Santorum on the campaign trail. Plus: The TV anchor who's NOT running, the man who could save Philly, and more of what Philadelphia is yammering about this morning

Santorum for President! The Rickster starts trolling for votes in Iowa even as some people claim he’s nothing but a pinko Commie liberal. Seriously. [Daily News, Politico]

No Congressional Run for Dawn Stensland. Probably. For now. Maybe. [Daily News]

Memo the Main Line: Watch the Family Jewels! A violent crime spree in Bryn Mawr and Rosemont? [6ABC]

Can This Guy Save Philadelphia?
Drexel gets an impressive new prez [Inquirer]

You’re (Almost) Fired, Eddie Jordan. The Sixers are considering dumping their head coach? Shocking! [Inquirer]