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Burgers, tattoos, and pirates come together at this Bryn Mawr eatery.

The BRGR Joint
Main Line
Burgers are the main sell at this tattoothemed, quickserve Bryn Mawr eatery, and indeed, the patties — which come singly or doublestacked, topped with anything from A1 to grilled onions to a fried egg, on a soft Martin’s bun — are greaseless, fresh, and hitthespot good. But it was the spicy/smoky flavors of the chili, which, along with Whiz, is piled on freshly cut fries, that lingered in our memory long after we left. (No wonder Villanova kids are requesting the chili on the burgers and dogs, too.) Insider tip: The stellar sweetpotato and regular fries are cooked up in allergyfriendly canola — not peanut — oil.
1011 West Lancaster Avenue, Bryn Mawr, 484-380-3465.

Where We’re Eating contributors: Victor Fiorillo, Lauren McCutcheon, Ashley Primis and Bridget Salmons