ASK THE EXPERT: The Perfect Present For Your Mother-In-Law

Boutique owner Liz Scarlett guides gift-giving in the right direction

Question: My mother-in-law-to-be is throwing me this gorgeous, over-the-top wedding 
shower at her home, and putting so much time, effort, and money into it. I 
want to get her a really thoughtful gift — more than a hostess gift — to 
show her how much I appreciate her doing this for me, but I don’t have any 
bright ideas. Help!

Answer: Making sure your gift has a personal touch is the key for picking the perfect present, says Liz Scarlett, owner of Scarlett Alley in Old City—which means not just an impersonal gift certificate by itself. “You want to give something you thought of just for her—something indulgent and relaxing 
after her hard work.” That could be something along the lines of luxe, soft, pretty PJs or loungewear, along with a gift certificate for a massage or organic mani and pedi. Or, says Scarlett, get her something to show her how much you appreciate all the work she did for your wedding. “Score some major points by doing something like a sealed glass invitation box, custom made,” says Scarlett. “It can show off the wedding 
invite on the lid and the shower invite on the inside of the lid, since she 
probably worked hard on your invitation too.”