Green Today

Here are a few ways to DIY green right now “I tell all my clients about this,” Wright says. Same recycling day as usual, but you earn money for being green. You get a recycling bin with a scannable chip and earn points for every pound you recycle — points you can use for purchases at Whole Foods, CVS or Petco, among many other places.

Water filtration system. “Whole-house filtration systems are great because they can transform the hard water that’s very tough on appliances and plumbing systems,” Wright says. “Appliances will last longer. It’s better for bathing, hair, skin. Cleaning and beauty-care products react better to purer water, and, of course, it’s better for drinking.”

Beware of greenwashing! Eco is a marketing hot button right now, so companies want to slap it on everything possible. Something like a couch might pass the earth-friendly test when it comes to its wood frame, but it could have cushions stuffed with foam treated with formaldehyde that will emanate — or off-gas — for years. If you’re going green because of a chemical sensitivity, do your homework.