GOOD LIFE: Model Citizen: Abby Finkle Longo

A deaf mother and teacher changes the way the city thinks about pottery with her revolutionizing DIY art studio

Who: Deaf mom and teacher, 37, who recently launched The Expressive Hand, the city’s only paint-your-own pottery studio and the world’s first DIY art studio offering American Sign Language (ASL) instruction for both deaf and hearing adults and kids.

Why it should be your happy place: Trick your youngsters into developing their communication skills through hands-on, creative activities.

What that quality time could mean later: No more meltdowns! “Using sign language with both deaf and hearing children means less frustration,” Longo says, because kids can sign what they’re not yet able to say.

Other studio activities: Storytelling, music workshops, summer camp and private parties, all of which incorporate both ASL and spoken English.

The Expressive Hand is located at 622 S. 9th St.,