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With everyone’s favorite hunky weatherman headed back to town, the big question is: Whom will he date?

Local media (okay, us) are buzzing about the rumored return of John Bolaris. But what we really want to know is: If the mete-OH!-rologist does bring his umbrella and pearly whites home, what’s the forecast for his love life? We came up with six eligible ladies perfect to snuggle with on those cold winter nights.

Alycia Lane
Anchor, CBS 3

Drama just has a way of “finding” Alycia and John. Though Bolycia probably wouldn’t last, it might stir up K-Fed/Brit-style fireworks. We’d pay a lot to see Alycia shave her head.

Leonore Annenberg

For Bolaris — who reportedly will take a pay cut and who turned the Big Five-Oh this year — it’s never too early to be thinking about that nest egg. By sitting and looking pretty (his forte, incidentally), he could reap the benefits that come with being a Main Line trophy husband. And isn’t 90 the new 30?

Kerri-Lee Halkett
Anchor, Fox 29

Bolaris’s rumored new gig at Fox 29 would put him in close proximity to the newly single and perennially blown-out Halkett. Potential pickup line: “Congrats on your Emmy this year, Kerri-Lee-licious. Did I mention I’ve got four Emmys?”

Audrey Taichman

His Center City bachelor pad is near both Twenty Manning and Audrey Claire, making those early-a.m. walks of shame mercifully brief. Bonus: She cooks!

Nicole Cashman
Publicist and All-Around Glamourpuss

When he gets kicked out of restaurants and into public spats with other media types (and you know he will), it won’t hurt to have a girlfriend who knows all about image-boosting. Plus, she’s got a hot half-sister who’s also a publicist.

Anne Mahlum

Her nonprofit’s mission is to get the homeless off the streets, so she could straighten the moral compass in Johnny Boy. Romance and reputation-repair from a good-looking do-gooder: jackpot!