What 14 Creative Philadelphians Wore During Quarantine

Fashionable Philadelphians share their at-home style via self-portraits.

quarantine style

Desron Dorset, vice president of business development for the Sixers, is one Philadelphian sharing his at-home quarantine style.

How does Philly’s creative class hole up? With swagger, obviously. We asked artists, restaurant owners, stylists and more to document their quarantine style through self-portraits.

Desron Dorset

Vice president of business development for the Sixers
“During quarantine, I think it’s important for us to learn at least one new skill, but after 40 days of trying, playing guitar won’t be it for me.”

Angela Monaco

Owner of Angela Monaco Jewelry and Ritual Shoppe

quarantine style

Angela Monaco, owner of Angela Monaco Jewelry and Ritual Shoppe.

“Even when I’m not in quarantine, I choose to live in the more comfortable side of fashion. I love sneakers, track pants and vintage kimonos. And hey, even living alone, adding a little red lip gives me an ‘oomph’ when I need it most.”

Yaya Lora

Singer and stylist at Joan Shepp

quarantine style

Yaya Lora, singer and stylist at Joan Shepp.

“Uggs could withstand a hundred pandemics, and this 2017 Jeremy Scott collaboration is genius. I may never get over my grocery-shopping PTSD, but that’s where the wine lives, and it’s a great excuse to say ‘UGG Life’ like that guy from Pineapple Express.”

Shannan Allen

Personal stylist and owner of the Closet Consultant

quarantine style

Shannan Allen, personal stylist and owner of the Closet Consultant.

“I still enjoy jeans and a blazer at home; it’s my go-to look when I need to get work done.”



quarantine style


“Britney said it best: My loneliness is killing me. … ”

Khalil, Malik and Ahmad Jones

Personal trainers and owners of Triyo Fitness

quarantine style

Khalil, Malik and Ahmad Jones, personal trainers and owners of Triyo Fitness.

“We actually dressed up and had a whole Zoom party over the weekend! Most places might be closed, but Club Quarantine is definitely still open.” — Ahmad Jones

Kim Lincon

Owner of design studio Lynx & Co.

quarantine style

Kim Lincon, owner of design studio Lynx & Co.

“Nothing has changed all that much for me. Still accessorizing my outfits with jewelry, dogs and coffee.”

Kiki Aranita

Co-owner of Poi Dog

quarantine style

Kiki Aranita, co-owner of Poi Dog.

“During the day, I’m mostly on my couch, where I crochet, take care of restaurant paperwork, and binge-watch Law & Order: SVU. I get dressed every morning as if I was going to leave the house. Sometimes I play dress-up—even if it’s just to make breakfast.”

Jonathan Adams

Co-owner of Rival Bros. Coffee

quarantine style

Jonathan Adams, co-owner of Rival Bros. Coffee.

“Aside from all the weird feelings that most of us are experiencing during social distancing, I’ve had a very regular work-at-the-cafe-then-come-home routine. When I am home, I’ve been cooking a lot — no sourdough, sorry — finishing some house projects, and focusing on the joys of finally winning matches against my sons in FIFA 20.”

Hanna Williams

Co-owner of Friday Saturday Sunday

quarantine style

Hanna Williams, co-owner of Friday Saturday Sunday.

“Bathrobes are not an acceptable staple in the front-of-the-house dress code. Normally, I’d be in dresses and nylons six days a week. And at almost eight months pregnant, that is difficult. Now, I’ve been living in a bathrobe, especially as the due date gets closer. It’s the ultimate luxury and an unexpected perk of the quarantine.”

Lauren Leavell

Personal trainer and owner of Lauren Leavell Fitness

quarantine style

Lauren Leavell, personal trainer and owner of Lauren Leavell Fitness.

“Almost as soon as I’m done teaching
 a barre or HIIT class online, I hop in the 
shower and change into cozy clothing.”

Ky Cao

Co-owner of Ps & Qs

quarantine style

Ky Cao, co-owner of Ps & Qs.

“This lockdown gave me an opportunity to go through 12 years’ worth
 of t-shirt designs that I’ve done that brought back some great memories and helped me develop some more designs that you’ll see once this is all over. Even though we stayed home, I got dressed every day as if I had somewhere to go. With social distancing and limited interaction, the best way to express myself is through my clothes.”

Published as “House Rules” in the June/July 2020 issue of Philadelphia magazine.