home office supplies

Philadelphia Shops and Resources That’ll Help Outfit Your Dream Home Office Space

Working from home and looking for office supplies and essentials? Check out this list of where to shop in Philly — then take a look […]


This Smartly Designed Home Office Doubles as a Mudroom

This office was featured in our “The Art of the Home Office” article. See more home office design inspiration here. With an odd hexagonal shape […]

home office spare room

An Interior Designer Turned This Spare Room into a Bright Home Office

This office was featured in our “The Art of the Home Office” article. See more home office design inspiration here. Sometimes, a simple reevaluation of […]

dog adoptions
City Life

5 Things to Know About Adopting a Dog in Philly

With rescue applications through the roof, here’s how to ensure yours is the winning ticket. 1. Be honest on all fronts. “There’s no ideal candidate, […]

philadelphia dog services
City Life

7 Ways to Spoil Your Dog in Philly

Now that we’ve all got dogs (congrats!), it’s only fair that they enjoy Philly as much as we do. Buy Them Baked Goods at Amelie’s […]

pandemic puppy
City Life

How Pandemic Pups Are Getting Us Through a Very Dark Year

My husband would tell you that I manipulated him into getting a dog. He’s right. One afternoon in June, I was in my new home […]

philadelphia homocide
City Life

Raheem Ikeam Myers Was the City’s 203rd Homicide Victim This Year. This Is His Story.

Every three months or so, Philadelphia Inquirer beat reporters pull a weekend shift. That’s why health reporter Marie McCullough found herself working the July 4th […]

City Life

Inside the Fight to Abolish Police in Philadelphia

It’s an incredible idea, one that’s been percolating for a long time in Philadelphia and other cities. Certainly, all of YahNé Ndgo’s life. A 48-year-old […]

City Life

The Little Poconos Town That Accidentally Got Cool

He’s being nice about it — really, really nice — but I can tell Tim Meagher is ready to wrap up our time together. Wearing […]

things to do in honesdale
Things to Do

How to Spend a Weekend in and Around the Charming Town of Honesdale

The triangle of Honesdale (read more on Honesdale here), Hawley and Narrowsburg, New York, makes for a wonderful weekend getaway. When to Go Summer and […]

house spiders
City Life

Now That I Never Leave My House, I’m Getting to Know All About the Spiders Who Live Here With Me

Late in summer, I was sitting at my kitchen table, right in the spot where I’ve sat every morning for the past 10,423 days. It […]

phlprek philadelphia
City Life

Here’s How Philadelphia’s Pre-K Program Can Change an Entire Family’s Economic Prospects

This article is published in partnership with the Fuller Project. Malcolm Burnley is a journalist with the Fuller Project, a global newsroom that reports on issues affecting women. […]

cancer support team
NextHealth PHL

How to Assemble Your Cancer Support Team in Philadelphia

While mapping out your cancer treatment plan is critical, so is finding a network of people to surround you throughout its course. Social and emotional […]

cancer in philadelphia
NextHealth PHL

How to Conquer Cancer in Philadelphia

When and where you’re diagnosed with cancer can make all the difference in whether you survive it. And if you live in the Philly region, […]

cancer screenings
NextHealth PHL

Why Cancer Screenings — Even in the Middle of a Pandemic — Are Still Vitally Important

Earlier this year, Norman Sharpless, director of the National Cancer Institute, sounded an alarm on cancer screening in the wake of COVID-19. Sharpless predicted that […]