Where We’re Eating Right Now: Takeout and Delivery Pasta in Philly

Looking for a place to get takeout or delivery pasta during the pandemic? We’ve got a few suggestions.

Tagliatelle bolognese at Cry Baby | Photo provided

Things are weird right now. We get that. But since no one can be expected to cook every meal at home during this emergency, we’ve got a list here that might help you out. If you’re looking for a pasta restaurant that does delivery or takeout, that offers a product that travels well and is, of course, delicious, we’ve got some suggestions. Because these are the takeout and delivery pasta options that we’re living on right now, so maybe you can, too.


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Andiario, West Chester
This is the place that I dream about when I imagine the end of this whole nightmare. A quiet dinner at Andiario with my wife, in the restaurant’s simple, comforting dining room, eating brilliant pastas off white plates in a room full of friends and neighbors. That would be a true celebration — a victory over fear and isolation. And while it doesn’t look like that meal will be happening any time soon, the next-best thing is take out from Anthony Andiario’s kitchen. The house does a new menu every night (hand-written on a single sheet of paper), depending on what ingredients they can score from their local suppliers, posts it on Facebook and takes orders. There has been roasted duck breast with duck scrapple and apples, stinging nettle and ricotta tortelloni, short ribs over a wheat berry salad and ginger-apple cake–dishes that could’ve starred on any nightly menu at Andiario during the good ol’ days. Prices are $30 per person and reservations are taken directly through the restaurant. Reserve a meal here.


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Giuseppe & Sons, Center City
The Schulson Collective’s ode to South Philly dining is up and running during the crisis, transitioning to a full takeout and delivery model with a limited (though still fairly extensive) menu of classics. For reasons that I don’t pretend to understand, there’s no straight-up spaghetti and meatballs on the menu (and no Sunday Gravy), but you can kinda assemble your own by ordering the spaghetti pomodoro, a side of meatballs and gravy, then mixing the two at home. If that kind of complication is beyond you, the orecchiette with sausage ragu is a solid choice, but if you’re down for a little DIY mixing and matching, the kitchen is also selling pasta by the pound and sauces by the pint and quart for take out, and a variety of family-style options for delivery. Available for takeout and delivery via Caviar


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Cry Baby Pasta, Queen Village
Fresh tagliatelle with a classic bolognese, chicken rigatoni with pancetta in a vodka sauce, cavatelli with fennel sausage and, always, a plate of meatballs and bowls of the kitchen’s brilliant little pork and parmesan tortellini in a rich, warm broth. Is there anything out there more comforting than that right now? No, there’s not. So it’s a good thing that Cry Baby got it together enough to start running takeout orders in the neighborhood once the city shut down. Because having to go through this without some decent pasta (and maybe a plate of chicken French) would just make things even harder than they already are. Available for take out


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Ralph’s Italian Restaurant, South Philly
Just because we’re in the middle of a global pandemic and national emergency doesn’t mean that we have to stop being who we are. Which is why it makes me happy to know that, should I suddenly find myself in dire need of some crab spaghetti, lasagna, penne a la vodka or spaghetti with white clam sauce, Ralph’s will be there for me. Available for take out and delivery by Caviar


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Bistro Romano, Headhouse Square
Bistro Romano has gone all-in on this whole social distancing thing. They’ve got local delivery being done by their own team, a wider delivery area by Caviar and Uber Eats, a whole Bistro take out menu and their own curbside wine shop, market menu and family-size deals. But since we’re talking specifically about pastas here, I’m suggesting the gnocchi with white and black truffle cream and prosciutto or the lobster ravioli with sherry cream sauce and roasted tomatoes. Better still, go for both of them and eat it all yourself. Live your best quarantine life and make no apologies. Available for take out and delivery


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DaMo Pasta Lab, Center City
DaMo does handmade pastas and serves it in very traditional, very Italian ways. Tonarelli cacio e pepe, gnocchi with tomato, onion, basil and buffalo mozzarella, mezzemaniche done Genovese-style, with carrots, beef, thyme, wine and milk. The menu changes seasonally, the pastas are attended by a single soup option, some cold dishes (prosciutto, salads, bresaola) and focaccia with roasted tomatoes if you want it, and everything is currently available for pick-up at the lab or delivery. Available on Caviar